The Homework Caddy

Testimonials - Parents Love it!

"My kid's homework papers clutter up the entire kitchen counter and get lost too easily. I don't have a good filing system for them, but want one desperately. I haven't been able to find an all-inclusive file and organizational system, until I found The Homework Caddy."
Roz - Chicago, IL

"I have a 10 year old son that leaves his school papers and library books on his dresser, but they always seem to get lost or chewed up by our family dog, Max. I also needed a better way to schedule and track important school dates. The Homework Caddy takes care of both."
Flo - Tampa, FL

"I love The Homework Caddy! It fit perfectly behind my son's door. He's in 2nd grade. I never had a good spot to put his paperwork and I couldn't find anything in stores. It would pile up on the breakfast bar near our phone, stay there for weeks, and usually get food splatters on them. The Homework Caddy encompasses everything a parent really needs-- planning and meeting scheduling on the dry erase board, storage for pens, pencils, ruler, glue sticks, paper clips, everything! And legal-sized pockets for papers and such. That is so smart! I don't cringe now when his backpack comes home!"
Maggie - Sarasota, FL

"My daughter's papers get piled up everywhere. Sometimes, after they've been sitting in a pile on the kitchen counter for days, I have mistakenly thrown them out. What a disaster that becomes. And not to mention I also have a 2 year old son at home that gets into everything he sees. He's destroyed a few library books in his time, 'cause they lie all over the place. Now he knows if it's in the Caddy, it's hands-off!"
Sara - Venice, FL

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